Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Cheap Face Primers

Face Primers

Maybelline Baby Skin $6 from Target
ME Mineral Face Primer $8
I'm all about CHEAP products that work just as well as luxury products. 

I have been using Baby Skin for YEARSSSSSS now. It is my go to everyday primer. It is light weight and sets pretty quick. Even on the days that I do not have any makeup on I still use this product to blur my skin and it gives me a natural airbrushed finish.

The ME Mineral Face Primer is more of a flawless finish. I got this from my ex, he was actually selling the product when it was still in the promotional phase. I never touched it until now, mostly because I don't wear makeup that much in the summer. I use this one when I am doing a full face and need my makeup to stay all day long. Its a little more thicker and it works well when I am using a full coverage foundation. Very silky and it leaves my face PORELESS ! I have always struggled with large pores but this cancels them all out. It does take a little longer to set before you apply foundation compared to the Baby Skin pore eraser.

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Thursday, June 15, 2017


Omega 9 Hair mask
This is one of my new FAV hair masks ! ❤
I've been having a stressful few months so I haven't posted lately but I've been trying to focus more on myself as far as being healthy and well groomed.
I have only used it three times over the course of three weeks but I already see results.
*My split ends are smoothing out and my hair is so soft*
I would HIGHLY recommend this to anyone who has damaged hair or color-treated hair.
It also smells amazing.
You can get a 7oz bottle for around $50-$60 usd.

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